1930/31: Injuries and Circumstance


Date C V Opposition Res i
Aug 16 F H Berwick Albion W 9-1
23 ESL A Gala Fairydean W 2-1
30 EQC 1 H Civil Service Strollers W 4-2
Sep 6 ESL A Peebles Rovers D 2-2
13 SQC 1 A Peebles Rovers L 2-4
20 ESL H Jed Artisans W 8-1
27 EQC 2 A Gala Fairydean W 6-4
Oct 4 ESL H Vale of Leithen W 7-1
11 ESL A Duns W 2-1
18 ESL H Bathgate L 0-2
25 ESL & EQC SF H Penicuik Athletic L 2-5
Nov 8 ESL A Coldstream W 2-1
15 ESL H Selkirk W 1-0
29 ESL H Gala Fairydean W 3-0
Dec 6 ESL A Jed Artisans W 3-0
13 ESL H Duns W 5-0
20 ESL A Penicuik Athletic L 2-3
25 F H Spittal Rovers D 4-4
Date C V Opposition Res i
Jan 3 ESL H Coldstream L 0-5
17 KC 1 H Edinburgh University W 1-0
24 ESL H Clerwood Amateurs W 3-1
Feb 14 BC SF A Coldstream L 1-3
28 ESL A Bathgate L 1-3
Mar 7 KC 2 H Vale of Leithen W 2-0
14 PS 1 H Coldstream W 5-2
21 KC SF A Penicuik Athletic D 3-3
28 KC SFR H Penicuik Athletic L 2-5
Apr 4 ESL A Selkirk W 4-1
11 ESL A Vale of Leithen L 1-2
18 ESL A Clerwood Amateurs L 3-4
25 ESL H Peebles Rovers W 3-1
East of Scotland League
Home Away
Pld W D L F A W D L F A Pts
1 Bathgate 17 7 1 0 30 7 5 1 3 18 11 32
2 Penicuik Athletic 19 9 1 0 41 11 4 3 2 28 21 32
3 Berwick Rangers 20 7 0 3 32 18 5 1 4 22 18 25
4 Selkirk 19 5 2 2 29 19 3 3 4 21 30 21
5 Vale of Leithen 19 7 2 1 30 15 0 2 7 17 39 20
6 Clerwood Amateurs 18 4 1 3 25 19 3 3 4 19 26 19
7 Peebles Rovers 20 6 2 2 31 17 2 0 8 20 36 18
8 Duns 20 5 1 4 32 25 2 1 7 24 42 16
9 Gala Fairydean 18 4 2 3 22 21 0 3 6 10 27 16
10 Coldstream 18 4 2 4 31 25 2 0 6 13 26 14
11 Jed Artisans 18 1 4 4 17 25 0 1 8 10 44 7
Remaining fixtures not played.
Hawick United resigned after 8 matches and their record was deleted.
Points Claimed:
Bathgate claimed 2 points v Coldstream
Bathgate claimed 2 points v Jed Artisans
Clerwood Amateurs v Bathgate claimed 2 points
Clerwood Amateurs v Gala Fairydean 1 point each
Gala Fairydean claimed 2 points v Coldstream
Jed Artisans v Vale of Leithen claimed 2 points
Selkirk v Penicuik Athletic claimed 2 points

Competition Results

Appearances & Goals

Manager: David Atkinson
David Atkinson 10 2 3 1 1 1
John Blythe 1
Joseph R Blythe 20 6 3 3 4 1 1 1 1 1 2 3
David Bond 5 1 1
John Borthwick 11 2 3 1 1 1
William Bruce 18 3 4 1 1 1 1
Harry Campbell 5 5
Johnny Campbell 11 14 3 7 3 4 1 3 1 1 1 2 1 2
Samuel Carruthers 1 1
Robert Cox 1 1
Hugh Devine 1
Robert (Bob) Dickinson 9 1 1 4 1 1 1 2
John Dunlop 1 1
Tom Elliot 2
Frank Ewart 1
Joseph Gold 2 1 1 1 2
Johnson Graham 7 2 1 1 1 1
John Guy 1
John (Ecky) Johnston 1 1 1
Jimmy Lee 5 2 2 1 1
Robert Morrison 1
Tommy Pearson 4 2 3 2 1 1
William Piercy 15 1 2 4 1 1
John Pegg 1 1
Danny Rutherford 18 12 3 1 4 1 1 1 1 2 2
Jack Shiel 2 1
Robert Simpson 1
Robert Sinton 4 2
Jackie Spence 7 1 1 1
Jack Tait 3 1 1 1
James Wakenshaw 1
George Weatherhead 12 3 1 2 1 1 1 1
Andrew (Alla) Wilson 18 3 4 1 1 1 2
A Wood 1 1
Willie Yourston 19 2 4 1 1 1 2
Number of players used: 35

A bombshell was dropped on East of Scotland League football when several of the Edinburgh clubs decided to take no part in the competition for the new season. The move came because of a new rule on the guarantee paid to visiting teams. The new rule, that guarantee to visiting clubs be £3, was proposed by Bathgate and carried by 13 votes to 10 at the recent AGM. It was not the first time the matter had been raised, as for several seasons previous the Border teams had sought change. The Edinburgh clubs had all along been against the change and the closeness of the vote showed their resistance.

An argument put forward by the Edinburgh clubs was that the new rule meant that a visiting team who might attract a £20 gate would only receive the bare guarantee. But is it always the visiting team that is the attraction? Many of the Border clubs knew only too well when making the journey to Edinburgh that is not so. Bathgate and the Border clubs countered that it was unfair that they should be called upon to pay out on the half gate principle when the amount drawn was over £5 when every visit to the Edinburgh clubs resulted in their receiving the bare £2 10s.

The split, however, would only affect the League as the clubs concerned were to remain members of the ESFA and would take part in the knock-out competitions.

The six Edinburgh clubs involved, along with one or two others who had suitable playing fields, formed themselves into the Edinburgh District Amateur League. The clubs involved in the new venture said that they had reluctantly taken the step of resigning from the ESL to save the League. It was in their opinion that a League run with the home team keeping the gate is so unfair and wrong in principle that it is certain to fail and they would not be parties in any attempt to run such an organisation.

On the signing front, Jack Tait, a robust and clever centre-forward joined the Rangers from Spittal Rovers. A whole-hearted player, with ever an eye for goal, he was instrumental in Spittal Rovers' recent successes in local football. Johnny Campbell re-joined the club after moving back to the town following spells with West Ham United and Clapton Orient.

A fifty-per-cent reduction was made in the price of a season ticket; now 2s 6d as compared to 5s last season. It was hoped that the reduction would make it possible for greater numbers to purchase a ticket and increase attendances.


16. In a friendly match against Berwick Albion at Shielfield Park, Rangers were without their new signings, Tait and Campbell, but it gave the other players the opportunity of loosening their muscles in preparation for the new season. With Albion the opposition it could not be said to be a real test and from the start of the game it was evident with goals coming in quick succession. Rutherford opened the scoring after nine minutes and before the interval further goals were added by Blythe (3), Gold (2) and Lee. With positional changes made, the second half was a more even affair. Rutherford again opened the scoring before Welsh, who was perhaps the most prominent Albion forward, scored a good goal. Not long afterwards, Johnston scored the ninth, which proved to be the last.

23. Rangers opened the League season impressively, beating Gala Fairydean 2-1 at Raid Stane Park. After some evenly contested play, Gala began to press and were unlucky not to take the lead when Bonar hit the crossbar. Berwick defended stubbornly and occasionally broke upfield, although McLaren was not troubled as much as Yourston. Rangers gradually took the offensive even though the home side still looked the more likely to score and the first half ended goalless. The second half opened with both teams playing with pace; however, the Rangers' right wing was making life difficult for the Gala defence. Just before the hour-mark Berwick took the lead through Rutherford following some neat work by Blythe and Borthwick. Rutherford added a second a few minutes later when he accepted a neat cross from Tait and gave Morgan no chance with a close-range shot. Gala upped their game and Yourston was kept busy between the uprights. Twenty minutes from the end, Wilson came to grips with Baker in a goalmouth melee and was given his marching orders after lashing out. Down to ten men, some sustained pressure on the Rangers' defence told. Willis tested Yourston with a free kick and although the keeper stopped the ball on the line Simpson managed to get the ball out of his hands and into the net.

30. In the opening round of the East of Scotland Qualifying Cup at Shielfield Park, Civil Service Strollers surprised the large crowd when they attacked strongly at the start and the first goal was not long in coming; however, it was the Rangers who scored it. A fine move down the Berwick right ended with Borthwick putting Campbell through and he hesitated slightly before sweeping the ball past the keeper. Five minutes after the first, Campbell paved the way for Rangers' second. After manoeuvring into a good position, he sent the ball across the goalmouth where Blythe, after it had been missed by the other forwards, connected and shot forcefully into the far corner of the net. Berwick continued to press, and Blythe added two more goals, the first from within a goalmouth melee and the second from the penalty spot after Primrose diverted a pass from Atkinson to Campbell with his hand. The visitors then tested Yourston with a series of raids before Campbell struck the upright at the other end just on half-time. The Strollers were unfortunate to be four in arrears at the interval. They had been as effective in attack, but their finishing and the clever Rangers' defence prevented them scoring. They fared better in the second half and two late goals in quick succession from Berry and Allan made the final score look more respectable.


It was a case of one in one out when a late application to join the East of Scotland League by Jed Artisans, a factory team from Jedburgh, was approved and the Cameron Highlanders resigned.

6. There was more than average interest in the League match at Peebles Rovers due to the fact both teams were to meet again in the Scottish Qualifying Cup at the same venue the following week. Both forward lines were in action in turn, but the defences were never really stretched, and the opening stages lacked excitement. Dodds, for the Rovers, had the first try of promise. At the other end, Campbell and Borthwick combined well and Hope had to leave his goal to clear. Blythe was all but through on one occasion and only a last-ditch tackle by Gill saved the situation. A minute later, Simpson cleared from Rutherford on the goal-line. However, Rangers were having the better of the exchanges and Hope was lucky to have a second chance to save a goal-bound effort from Tait. Against the run of play, Peebles scored when a well-placed corner by McNicol was headed home by Bennett. A few minutes later, Bennett almost doubled the lead when he struck the post. Rovers had showed improved form late in the half and were not undeserving of their interval lead. In response, Rangers resumed with a changed forward line. Rutherford took up his customary position on the right; Tait moved inside, and Blythe to the extreme left position. However, Rovers continued to press, and Buchan put them two-up from a McNicol cross. Rangers then hit a purple patch. Hope pulled off a tremendous save to deny Campbell, but in the next attack Campbell beat him with a similar shot to reduce the margin. Within five minutes Rangers were level when Tait broke down the right and cut in to score. Peebles were reduced to ten men when Walker had to retire injured; however, they returned to the attack and Dodds had a shot stopped only by the bar. Two late corners followed, from the second of which Bennett missed a sitter and the game ended on level terms.

13. Rangers and Peebles Rovers met at Whitestone Park for the second time in a week, where heavy rain spoiled the play. Rovers were first to attack and caused the Berwick defence anxiety on several occasions. A bad miskick by Simpson gave Rangers their first real scoring chance, but Borthwick shot wide with only the keeper to beat. The home side's efforts were rewarded in the next attack when McNicol got in a good shot; Yourston only partially saved and Buchan netted the loose ball. Rovers continued to dominate, and Bennett put them further ahead when he unleashed an unstoppable shot into the net. Campbell led a raid on the home goal, but a fine clearance by Gill saved the situation. At the other end, Wells got in a fine header which Yourston just clutched under the bar. At this stage, Rangers were getting a fair share of the play. Tait had a good shot saved and Campbell followed with a fine header which Hope was applauded for saving. Peebles pressed hard towards the interval, but the Berwick defence stood firm. Rangers nearly scored in the first minute of the second half when Simpson took two attempts to stop Campbell's shot. Peebles had another close call when Borthwick broke through, but Hope saved confidently. Rovers increased their lead after both Buchan and Dodds had shots blocked following a superb McNicol cross and after a few exchanges in front of goal, Bennett hit a well-directed shot into the net. Berwick's reply was immediate, and a great shot from Campbell looked destined for the net, but Hope pulled off a brilliant save. Not to be denied, Campbell got his just reward a few minutes later when he beat the keeper in a one-on-one situation. However, Miller replied quickly for Peebles when he headed home their fourth goal. Campbell never gave up trying to beat the home defence and he succeeded with almost the last kick of the game. Securing possession on the edge of the box, he ran between the backs and shot hard into the net, the whistle sounding as soon as the ball found the net.

20. There were plenty of goals against League newcomers Jed Artisans at Shielfield Park, but the game was poor. Play had only been in progress three minutes when Campbell gave Rangers the lead with a header from a Rutherford centre. The ball had scarcely been set back in motion when Campbell connected with another Rutherford cross and headed past Peplar for a second time with the keeper making no effort to save. The Artisans offered little or nothing up front and if came as no surprise when Rutherford added a third for the Rangers. Blythe swung the ball over; Campbell headed it on, and Rutherford applied the finishing touch to make it three in 12 minutes. Subsequent play was all in Berwick's favour and Campbell brought the total to four with twenty minutes of the half remaining. However, just before half-time, a lapse at the back by Wilson gave Irvine possession and he ran on to beat Yourston and reduce the margin. Two minutes into the second half, Campbell got possession on the edge of the box and beat Peplar with a shot which would have beaten nine out of ten keepers. Not long afterwards, Campbell was tackled and floored on the goal-line after latching onto a Blythe cross, but he still managed to prod the ball home with his foot. Blythe and Tait missed excellent opportunities before Blythe, with 11 minutes remaining, picked up a neat Campbell cross and swept the ball into the net. Before the end, Campbell, with a great shot, rattled the upright, but meeting the rebound he was less successful. His scoring vein was not yet finished, however, and after clever work by Rutherford, he scored Rangers' eighth and his sixth with an unstoppable close-range shot.

27. Rangers recorded their fourth victory of the season proper against ten-man Gala Fairydean in the second round of the ESFA Qualifying Cup at Raid Stane Park with Campbell scoring five in a 6-4 win. While Gala played a man short for the greater part of the second half it was questionable if, with Millar's presence for the full ninety minutes, there would have been any material change in the result. Play opened on even lines. The first real try came from Gala's Neilson, but it was Berwick who scored first when Rutherford hit the back of the net from close range. Gala fought back but never really threatened. However, after twenty minutes' play, Cameron beat Cox to level and a few minutes later McCaig saw his shot rebound off the crossbar Ramage headed the return ball just over. For a time, Rangers were hemmed into their own half and it came as no surprise when Nicolson head a second goal. A quick breakaway by Berwick caught the home defence napping and Campbell had little difficulty in scoring. Rangers were fortunate to be on level terms at the interval, but Gala had only themselves to blame as they had not made the most of their chances. For the start of the second half, Gala rearranged their forward line. The opening exchanges ran in their favour, but they had some difficulty in penetrating the Berwick defence. Neither keeper was seriously troubled during the first quarter. Millar then unfortunately broke a bone in his foot and Ramage dropped back to cover but was at fault when he allowed Campbell space to score a soft goal. After this, Rangers came more into the game and Morgan was called upon thrice to save in as many minutes. A man short, Gala became a bit disorganised with the inevitable result in play. To make matters worse Rangers hit their best form and Morgan's services were repeatedly called upon. Campbell secured Rangers' fourth and his third of the afternoon. So lively was Campbell at this stage that he soon scored a fourth. His day's work was not yet over, however, and before Ramage and McCaig had scored for Gala, he added a fifth to his tally.


4. Berwick Rangers recorded another high-scoring win when they defeated Vale of Leithen 7-1 at Shielfield Park. Although the scoreline was flattering, Rangers were worthy of a good win with Campbell again the star performer. In Berwick's first attack, Gold sent in a magnificent cross-shot from the wing which Scott tipped over the bar. A severe bombardment on the Vale goal followed but Scott prevented any scores. Vale broke downfield and Dunnett nearly found the net with Cox going full-stretch to save. Gold had another good chance to open the scoring, but he hesitated too long on and a defender got back in the nick of time to avert the danger. However, the first goal of the game came through Campbell, who dribbled past two defenders before finding the net from close range. The Vale defence was beaten again five minutes later when Scott failed to stop a Borthwick shot. Just before the interval Campbell played a neat one-two with Rutherford and headed home Rangers' third. Berwick easily maintained their superiority after the interval. The visitors had reshuffled their defence but Borthwick was not long in finding a way through and scored from within a goalmouth scrimmage. Borthwick and Rutherford each had successive shots from close quarters, but Scott cleared each time. Vale then broke downfield. A timely cross from the right found Patterson at centre and he beat Cox with an unstoppable shot. It was Vale's last visit to the Berwick end, however. Gold made a fine run down the left and sent in a fine cross-cum-shot into the goalmouth which the keeper just touched as it sailed into the net. Gold hit the upright from a few feet out before Atkinson found the net when a Piercy free kick was headed across the goal by Campbell. The game was now all in Rangers' favour and they played some neat passing football before Atkinson made the final score 7-1 after his shot rebounded off the keeper and he made no mistake with the second attempt.

11. Torrential rain adversely affected both the gate and the standard of play at Hawthorn Park, along with a "pothole" at the gate end. Many of the Duns supporters believed the pothole decided the match. When Rangers scored their first Swan allowed the ball to drop into this hole, and Weatherhead did the rest. Then in the second half, Hume was through on goal when the ball stuck in the hole and he missed what appeared to be a certainty. Rangers were without the services of play-maker Campbell but Yourston returned in goal and Weatherhead made his debut. There was little between the sides in the early stages. Weatherhead had the best chance when a cross from the right found him in a good position, but he sent his parting shot wide of the mark. Swan and Yourston were each tested in turn, but nothing was given away until the half hour mark when Rangers scored a soft goal. A cross from the Berwick right saw Swan bring the ball down. The ball failed to bounce back as the keeper expected and Weatherhead, running in, landed the ball in the net. Duns responded to this unfortunate reverse, but the Berwick defence stood firm. Gold had a splendid first-time effort saved by Swan and just before the interval a superb cross by Weatherhead was put just past by Rutherford. The second half was played under a deluge of rain. Duns mastered the conditions best and had Rangers on the defensive throughout. They got their due reward when Hume equalised with 20 minutes to go. Duns looked a certainty to take the points as they continued to press but a slackness in defence allowed Weatherhead to score a second. Weatherhead was standing unwatched and unmarked when the ball came to his feet and, with the minimum of effort, he placed the ball into the net. Duns tried hard to restore parity, but Rangers resorted to defensive tactics and no matter how hard they tried they only got one real chance. Hume broke through and ran fast on goal with the ball at his feet. Yourston challenged him and the equaliser look a certainty when the ball got stuck the pothole and Hume slid past it. Before he could stop and recover a defender kicked into touch a Berwick held out to take both points.

18. Rangers gave a disappointing display against Bathgate at Shielfield Park. Although they improved in the second half it was a case of too little too late as the visitors held on to take both points. Berwick opened bright enough but was Campbell unlucky on three occasions in front of goal. At the other end, Finlay and then Somerville had chances, but both were wide of the mark. Rutherford raced away down the right and, after tricking two Bathgate defenders in succession, he crossed to the waiting Campbell whose shot was blocked on the line by Gordon. With 20 minutes of the game gone, Bathgate took the lead when Somerville's 18-yard free kick sailed over the upstretched hands of Yourston into the top corner of the net. Rangers had three good chances to level before the interval. Weatherhead flashed a free kick across the goalmouth, but the ball was missed in turn by two Berwick forwards. A similar kick from the right again saw no takers and finally Blythe shot just over the bar. Weatherhead struck the post early in the second half and Campbell, in trying to get the better of Greenhorn, was injured in a collision with the keeper and had to leave the field. This was followed by a near disaster at the other end when Wilson almost turned the ball into his own net. Campbell returned just after and took up the outside-right position with Rutherford going centre. Rangers were unlucky not to win a penalty when Campbell was deliberately pushed off the ball, but the referee waved play on. Berwick were now pressing hard, but the Bathgate defence stood firm. Rutherford sent a header just past the upright and, from a hotly disputed free kick on the edge of the box Atkinson went close. The visitors got going again and doubled their lead on 70 minutes when, in a melee in front of Yourston's goal, Somerville prodded the ball home. Campbell returned to the centre position after this, but his injury prevented him from doing much damage. In the closing minutes, Bruce nearly scored with a glancing header as Rangers upped their game. Greenhorn then had to scrape away an Atkinson effort before the woodwork came to his rescue twice when it stopped near certain goals from Borthwick and Rutherford.

25. With East of Scotland League points at stake as well as progress to the East of Scotland Qualifying Cup Final it was little wonder that a large crowd attended Shielfield Park. Although Rangers had the disadvantage of the strong sun in their eyes, they had the better of the early chances. Rutherford twice went close to giving Berwick the lead. Penicuik took up the running and although Spence stopped Ramage when going through the ball travelled to Robinson who shot just over. Spence again had to be quick a few minutes later to prevent Ramage attempting to run through again. Campbell was prominent at the other end when he raced ahead only to be pulled up when about to shoot. Rangers opened the scoring on 14 minutes when Rutherford got possession and swung over a timely cross to Campbell who only had to touch it with his foot to put it into the net. Berwick's confidence was now evident and Levie became the busier of the two keepers. However, the visitors' cohesive work began to tell on the home defence, and it looked only a matter of time before it was breached; it was ten minutes before the interval and a second time a minute or two later. Ramage got the first goal with a neat close-range header and Glass scored the second, giving Yourston little chance with a powerful 12-yarder. Rangers were playing rather loosely at this stage and it came as no surprise when Robertson got a third. A minute before the interval, Campbell broke through to reduce the leeway. Yourston was put under pressure early in the second half. Rangers' first real effort was a long-range shot from Atkinson which Levie did well to save. End-to-end play followed with Ramage prominent at one end and Campbell at the other. Campbell was stopped in his tracks when through on goal by a defender, but the ball rebounded to Bruce who shot narrowly over. Blythe then tested the keeper, who had to leave his goal to clear. Rangers so far had had the better of matters. On 70 minutes, Rutherford shot inches over after Borthwick had played him through, while Campbell sent the ball flashing past the post following a solo run. Against the run of play Penicuik brought their total to four through Ramage following a well-placed corner and the same player not many minutes later broke through to add another. These reversals brought more bite into the Berwick attack and Levie was kept busy in dealing with shots from Atkinson and Borthwick, who grazed the bar with a well-hit shot. However, as hard as they tried, they could not break down the visitors' defence which had been resolute throughout.


8. Berwick Rangers won by the odd goal in three against local rivals Coldstream in a League match at Home Park. Rangers showed no changes, whereas Coldstream were without the services of Tocher and Townsley through slight injuries. The early stages were fought on fast lines, despite the muddy condition of the pitch. Berwick were quickly off the mark, forcing a succession of free kicks, and before ten minutes had lapsed the Coldstream goal fell. Weatherhead got possession and flashed the ball across the goalmouth; Mitchell went down to save and Rutherford, in an unmarked position, had little difficulty in finding the empty net. Coldstream replied with force, but the Berwick defence soaked up the pressure. A strong kick by Spence caught the home defence napping and Campbell sprinted clear on goal, but his final effort just skimmed the bar. Campbell had hard luck again, a few minutes later, when through on goal his shot cannoned off the woodwork. So far, the game had been in Berwick's favour, but Coldstream began to find their feet. A Strong attack on the Rangers' goal ended with Tait heading just over after Romanes had opened the game. In the closing stages of the half, each goal had its share of escapes. In the second half, Coldstream had the best of the play. Bell was downed rather heavily as he ran through on goal. However, they kept at it and the equaliser came after Tait centred nicely for Bryson to shoot the ball home. Fast play followed and both keepers were called on to save. Mitchell was applauded for saving a fine Borthwick shot and immediately after Yourston received the same measure of applause when he saved a close-range shot from Bryson. The winning goal came as something akin to a shock to the home supporters. A long shot was played over the goalmouth; little heed was being paid to the fact that Rutherford was in the vicinity and Mitchell had little chance to save the terrific drive that followed. Coldstream had a period of pressure towards the end but could not break down the robust Berwick defence.

15. One goal decided the match against Selkirk at Shielfield Park, which saw two players sent off. During the first half, Rangers were lifeless and disjointed with Selkirk practically running the home team off their feet with their swift play and long-ball tactics. In the second half Rangers showed improvement and certainly should have added more goals. Unfortunately, some of the players lost the sporting instinct with G. Johnston, the Selkirk right-back, and Berwick's Atkinson given their marching orders by the referee. Selkirk arrived 25 minutes late and the game started half-an-hour after advertised time. In consequence the game was shortened to 35 minutes each way. Selkirk pressed throughout the opening half, but the erratic shooting of their forwards, combined with good defensive work by Wilson and Spence, kept them from getting deserved success. Midway through the half, Rangers went ahead through Rutherford. Weatherhead crossed the ball neatly from the left and Rutherford, sent the ball into the net. After the interval, Rangers showed up much better and gave Henderson trouble. Borthwick, who was injured late in the first half, again met with a mishap and had to retire. Play at this stage was becoming a bit rough with both teams mixing matters. The referee was displaying little control and it was not surprising when, on the hour mark, the players got out of hand. The trouble started when Campbell was unceremoniously tackled by G. Johnston. The action incited one or two of the Rangers' players who proceeded to question Johnston's actions. Words came to blows and Atkinson and Johnston, who were surrounded by other players and spectators who had swarmed onto the pitch, were ordered off. The incident now over, play proceeded with nine-man Rangers giving the Selkirk defence a torrid time. Campbell was brought down inside the penalty area when going through a second time. Blythe was given the spot kick, but failed to find the net, Henderson fisting clear. Blythe tried to get the rebound into the net, but he again found Henderson the stumbling block. To the end Rangers were on top but overall, they were a trifle lucky to take both points.

29. For the second time in three weeks, the visiting team arrived late. The game against Gala was no less than three-quarters of an hour late in starting and it was decided to play 30 minutes each way. Rangers were forced to make two team changes due to injuries with Bond replacing Borthwick and Harry Campbell in place of his brother. It was a midfield battle in the early stages as both teams made mistakes and both keepers were seldom troubled. Yourston was first to be called into action to deal with a long-range shot from Nicolson. Campbell twice had attempts on the visitors' goal; the first was well wide of the mark, the second was much closer. Campbell was the livewire, harassing the Gala defence on every raid and forced Morgan to leave his goal on more than on occasion to clear. Weatherhead gave Morgan some anxious moments and Bond got in a shot which grazed the post. Minutes later, Campbell's right-footed shot struck the upright and rebounded back into play. Rangers were now thoroughly on top and with the change of ends looming Blythe made an opening for Campbell, who ran through to score a fine goal. The second half began without an interval and Rangers continued where they left off. Bond and Campbell both went close before Weatherhead cut in and drove the ball just past the post. Rangers press consistently and it looked only a matter of time until they went further ahead. Not long before the end the breakthrough finally came when Campbell won possession in the 18-yard box and had little difficulty in beating Morgan. This was not the end of the scoring, however, as in the last few minutes Atkinson tried a long shot which struck Bond and bounced into the net.


6. Playing under conditions which made following football out of the question, Berwick Rangers beat Jed Artisans by three goals to nil at Jedburgh. The pitch may have been in a very muddy state, but Rangers played one of the best games of the season so far. Both ends were visited in turn, but the keepers had little to do due to the lack of ball control. Berwick finally found their shooting boots in the 20th minute when Campbell found his way forward blocked; he played the ball back to Blythe who, with little hesitancy, hit the ball into the net. Thereafter, Rangers had the better of the exchanges and were unlucky not to add to their score. Campbell was finding the underfoot conditions too much for him and on two or three occasions after going through he failed at the critical moment. Although they attacked persistently in the closing minutes, no further goals came their way. The home side opened strongly after the interval and put Rangers under severe pressure, but the Berwick defence stood solid and the Artisans were beaten back time and time again. Rangers came back into the game as the half progressed and Campbell finished off an attack with a clever individual goal. This further reverse put more energy into the Artisan's play, but they still made little impression on the Berwick defence. Campbell got injured shortly after scoring and moved to the outside-right position with Rutherford moving to the centre. Bond, in the closing minutes, paved the way for Rangers' third goal; drawing the defence, he slipped the ball to Rutherford, who ran swiftly through to score.

13. Up until the hour-mark of the match between Berwick Rangers and Duns at Shielfield Park it was doubtful which team would be the winners. At half-time, Duns were leading by a single goal and playing strongly but, after the interval, Rangers hit their form and over ran their opponents to win 5-2. The rivalry between the clubs was again exposed by the large crowd. Duns took the lead on 17 minutes when J. Wightman took the ball upfield and crossed to Whitelaw, who rounded the Rangers' defence and sent the ball high into the net. Both keepers were kept busy as the game swung from end to end. Weatherhead paved the way for Berwick's equaliser when he swung the ball across the goalmouth; Rutherford blocked the ball, which ran on to Blythe, and he beat the outstretched Swan with an unstoppable shot. After Blythe had missed an excellent opportunity to put Rangers ahead, shooting high over the bar from close range, Whitelaw gave Duns the half-time honours with a well-taken goal. Duns pressed the Berwick goal on the resumption, but once Rangers got going there was no stopping them. The leveller came after another Weatherhead centre found H. Campbell, who sent the ball past the keeper. Weatherhead was again involved in Rangers' third when he spotted H. Campbell unmarked and in front of goal and swung over the perfect ball for Campbell to put Berwick ahead from 6 yards. Seventeen minutes from time, Blythe was stopped from scoring a sure goal by Swan, who was outstretched on the ground and holding him in the penalty box, and the referee had no other option but award a spot kick. Taking the kick himself, Blythe made no mistake. Another characteristic J. Campbell run brought Berwick's fifth and final goal of the game. He secured possession just past the midfield, but in going forward he found his path blocked and he played the ball for Blythe to score his hat trick goal with ease.

20. With three of their regular players unable to take their places, Rangers had to enlist the services of Dickinson, John Blythe, and Shiel for the League match at Penicuik Athletic. It was rather unfortunate, considering the importance of the match, as it was thought that with a full-strength team Rangers could have returned with at least a share of the points. As it was, those who deputised for Spence, Piercy and J. Campbell played quite well and, overall, gave a creditable performance. Twice Berwick held the lead, and it was a second penalty that finally robbed them. Penicuik kicked off and from an early corner the Berwick goal had a lucky escape. Midfield play ruled for a time, the game being played fast and keen on both sides. Both defences were on top and neither set of forwards could find an opening. Rangers eventually broke the deadlock when Rutherford ran through to score. Some heavy shots rained down on Yourston's goal as Penicuik began to press. They came close to the mark on more than one occasion before Ramage equalised following a fine passing run. A corner to Penicuik near the interval looked dangerous, but Yourston cleared. As in the first half, the second opened hard and fast. Rangers took up the attack and following a superb passing move Weatherburn put Berwick back in front. They did not hold the lead for long, however, as Horsburgh scored for Penicuik. Then, from an infringement in the "dreaded" area, Penicuik were awarded a penalty. Ramage took the kick but missed badly. Rough play then crept into the exchanges and near the end the home side were awarded a second spot kick, which Selkirk converted.

25. In a Christmas Day friendly at Shielfield Park between the two local sides, Spittal Rovers held a surprise 4-2 lead with only 15 minutes remaining, but Rangers fought back, and the match ended in a draw. From the outset it was all Spittal as Rangers rather underestimated the strength of their opponents. However, Rovers were two goals down before they opened their account. After 20 minutes' play, Rangers took the lead after a misunderstanding between Currie and W. Moffat. Blythe drew the defence from the left and passed to Weatherhead who, possibly intended to pass into the centre, saw his shot pass Moffat and then Currie. Five minutes later, Rangers doubled their lead when Currie got down to a low Campbell shot but could not prevent it from entering the net. With a two-goal lead so early, the Rangers defence became overconfident and three minutes later Spittal pulled a goal back when Wilson hesitated in blocking a long shot up the wing by Bryson and Morrison, running in, and gave Yourston little chance of saving. No sooner had the ball been centred than Spittal again came into the limelight. when Ewart beat Atkinson and drove the ball through the defence for Elliot to place the ball into the corner of the net. The unexpected happened a minute into the second half when Spittal went ahead. Yourston stopped a shot but failed to hold it and Patterson, who was following up, took possession and scored. Campbell twice had the Spittal goal at his mercy but failed to score with Currie making tremendous saves on each occasion. Although Rangers were now the attacking force, Yourston was not inactive. Morrison failed to get a foot to a nice cross from the left during a spell in which Yourston repeatedly saved, but he was finally beaten when Crombie added Spittal's fourth. This further reverse jolted Berwick back into action and Campbell pulled a goal back with a soft shot near the upright following a free kick. It was a rather lucky goal as Currie, thinking it was going wide, made no effort to save. Bruce paved the way for the equalising goal when he placed a cross into the goalmouth and Atkinson, rising from the midst of several players, headed the ball into the net.


3. Berwick Rangers deserved their 5-0 trouncing at the hands of Coldstream with the visitors by far the better all-round team. Rangers had to make several team changes before the kick-off due to the last-minute call offs by four regular players. Simpson, who had previously played for Horncliffe, deputised for Spence at right back with Wilson moving over to the left. Carruthers and Guy were both from Amble and staying with relatives in the town. Piercy occupied Dickinson's position allowing Carruthers to play at centre-half, while Guy played at outside-right. Harry Campbell played in place of his brother. A sharp frost had made playing conditions slippery, but Coldstream adapted best and took the lead on seven minutes. Johnston shot hard at goal; Yourston tried to save, but the ball sailed past him and rebounded off the post and Johnston nipped in to hit the loose ball home. Rangers came more into the game and missed several chances midway through the half. Blythe went close and Campbell should have scored when he beat both Tocher and Townsley, but Mitchell ran out from his goal to save. Coldstream upped their game as they found a weakness in the home defence and scored their second goal when Johnston beat Simpson and crossed for Tait to head past Yourston. Some quick scoring followed. Ford beat Simpson and scored with a simple shot through Yourston's legs and Bryson made it four at the interval with a close-range shot. The second half was very nearly devoid of interest with many spectators, fed up with the display, leaving before the match was finished. Only once or twice did Rangers look like scoring but the Coldstream goal remained intact. Bryson scored the fifth Coldstream goal when Townsley cleared from a Berwick attack and played the ball to him. Wilson and Yourston were both close enough to deal with the situation but each one left to the other to decide and Bryson scored with a first-time shot.

17. Berwick Rangers gave a good display against Edinburgh University in the first round of the King Cup despite playing most of the game with only ten men. The Berwick team showed some changes with Borthwick returning to the left wing. However, he was a near enough a passenger and some five minutes from the interval he left the field, apparently not yet recovered from his recent knee injury. Opening conditions were not ideal. A strong wind was blowing, the sun was low, and underfoot conditions were heavy. Rangers, facing the wind from the kick-off, were quick to open the scoring. After ten minutes' play the ball rebounded off Crozier into the path of Piercy, who was just on the edge of the 18-yard box, and he hit a powerful shot high into the net. This early goal looked promising for Berwick, but it soon became apparent that they would have to work hard to maintain the lead. The Students were as keen to draw level and a fine effort by Ross from close in was only stopped by Yourston with difficulty. The visitors had another attempt when Thomas shot on goal, but the wind lifted the ball high over bar. These close escapes urged the Rangers on, but erratic shooting spoiled their efforts with Dickinson and Blythe blazing several good chances over. Wilson shot with more accuracy, but Crozier saved well and cleared his lines despite having the sinking sun in his eyes. After the interval, the wind dropped a little before picking up again late in the half. With only a one-goal lead the home supporters were in a pessimistic mood, but their pessimism was soon lifted as Rangers opened strongly. They held the Students firm and took a good share of the attacking. For a time, Rangers resorted to the offside game and restricted the visitors to pot shots. Blythe tested Crozier when well placed in front of goal, but the keeper saved well and cleared. The wind then picked up and accurate ball control proved difficult with neither goal really threatened.

24. Berwick Rangers had been unlucky during their last few matches regarding the weather and the match against Clerwood Amateurs at Shielfield was no different with a strong wind blowing. There were several changes in the Berwick team. Wilson returned to the full-back position. Spence was an absentee and Pearson, who was to have played at inside-right, was at the last minute replaced by Pegg. Johnny Campbell occupied the centre berth with Rutherford, Blythe and Weatherhead completing the forward line. The half-back line remained intact. Rangers opened play with the wind in their favour, and downhill. The game was fast throughout and, as expected due to the conditions, played mostly in the visitors' half. However, Clerwood defended stubbornly and were only two goals down at the interval. The first goal came when Campbell, who was standing just outside the penalty box, beat the keeper with a first-time shot. Clerwood attacked for a short while, but Wilson and Yourston were playing steady in defence. Gradually, the ball was worked down the field and Rangers scored their second. Piercy played the ball to Campbell, who smartly tapped it sideways for Pegg to send in a deceiving high shot over Cranston's outstretched hands. In the second half, Clerwood opened strong in attack but could not prevent Rangers from scoring a third when Rutherford sped down the wing and crossed into the goalmouth for Campbell to tap home. With a three-goal lead, Rangers eased off a little and Clerwood began to make ground. Shot after shot was sent in on Yourston, but he saved them all with an assuming confidence. However, McAlpine was proving troublesome down the left and after few attempts, he centred for Ferguson to score. From then on, the game was one long drawn-out struggle. The visitors had the better of the chances, but Rangers defended well and, although they did not often test Cranston, they kept Clerwood out.


14. Coldstream belittled Berwick Rangers for a second time this season as Rangers made a quick exit from the Border Cup at Home Park. Being without a game for the last two weeks could not be used as an excuse for such a poor performance. Except for Campbell and Wilson, Rangers were disappointing throughout. Although in the semi-final stage, Rangers were playing their first game in the competition. Owing to Hawick United's withdrawal from competitive football, Rangers were left without a game in the first round. Then difficulty arose with their game with Jed Artisans, who decided to take Hawick's place. Rangers were awarded the tie owing to the Arts declining to abide by the Associations instructions to travel to Berwick. The game opened quietly for a cup tie and there was little cause for excitement. Coldstream began to press as the game progressed and only cool work by Wilson, and a great amount of luck, kept the Berwick goal intact. Twice Ford put narrowly over, and Johnston hit the woodwork with a fast drive. Then, entirely against the run of play Rangers took the lead. Bruce hit a long ball forward for Campbell to gain possession and he hit a hard shot which Mitchell saved but failed to hold properly and the Berwick centre headed the rebounding ball into the net. This livened matters and Coldstream strove hard for the equaliser. Again, ill luck dogged their path and they had to change ends a goal in arrears. Rangers were first to attack in the second half, but Campbell was out on his own. He made countless openings only to find his efforts wasted. A great piece of work by Ford nearly gave Coldstream the equaliser when he played Bryson through. Ford was again instrumental when the equalising goal finally came when Johnston rounded Dunlop and sent in a perfect cross which Kerse headed into the net. It looked only a matter of time before Coldstream took the lead. A few minutes later, Mole punted the ball forward; Bryson gained possession and from fully 25 yards he sent in a tremendous shot to put Coldstream ahead. No sooner had the ball been centred Coldstream scored again when a quick move saw Tait the marksman. The home side continued to press with Yourston having a busy time. First Bryson and then Ford put narrowly over, and Johnston hit the side netting. Campbell was the mastermind of the Berwick attack and one two occasions he gave easy chances to his teammates, which were wasted. The third time Campbell tried a solo effort and forced Mitchell to make a tremendous save to prevent his low shot from entering the net. The latter stages of the match were in Coldstream's favour, but they could not add to their score.

28. Berwick Rangers played Bathgate at Mill Park in a tough East of Scotland League encounter. With the departure of Bruce for a month's trial with West Ham United and the unavailability of Carruthers and Johnny Campbell, the team selectors had their work cut out to find replacements. Borthwick returned after injury; Johnson Graham played whilst home on leave from the Army and Jimmy Lee re-signed. Rangers were prominent in the early stages, but the Bathgate front line fared better. Somerville grazed the crossbar as Bathgate pressed. However, in a raid on the home goal, Gordon failed to stop Weatherhead and had the latter steadied himself a bit he might have scored. Yourston was called into action twice to save from McAllister and once from Somerville. Just before the interval, Watters was unlucky to see his shot superbly saved by Yourston. Within a minute of play resuming after the break, Bathgate took the lead when Findlay sent in a powerful shot which Yourston fumbled and Dick, running in, drove it home. Dick later had a fine effort saved by Yourston at the expense of a corner. However, Bathgate's lead lasted just ten minutes. Against the run of play, Rutherford broke down the right and after beating Johnston he netted with ease. Bathgate were soon back on the attack and clever work by Findlay and McAllister led to Dick netting a second goal. A minute later Dick completed his hat trick with a well-struck shot and there was no way back for the Rangers.


7. Vale of Leithen were twenty minutes late for the second round King Cup match at Shielfield Park. Then, before they could take the field, they had to call on the services of Bob Wakenshaw, having arrived a player short. Rangers gave an improved performance on recent weeks and deserved their 2-0 win. Weatherhead went close twice early on after being played through by Campbell and Blythe. Vale could make little headway and when they did get within shooting distance of Yourston it was generally through long punts by Wakenshaw. Blythe and Campbell were doing all the forward work and it was usually Weatherhead who was being left to finish it. However, Pearson now came into the moves and, between the three, Scott had to handle several times. Play was seldom out of the visitors' half and the best scoring chance came near the interval when Pearson missed an excellent chance at the back post following a free kick. The second half had only been in progress five minutes when Blythe put Berwick ahead with a close-range shot. Vale showed up better and play for a while swung from end to end with both keepers being tested. Yourston had to deal with a troublesome shot from Paterson, whilst Campbell brought Scott to his knees with a good effort. Not long afterwards, a bad miss by Thomson allowed Pearson to play the ball through to Campbell who, without hesitating, hit the back of the net from six yards out. Campbell, however, was not so successful in the closing minutes when, with only the keeper to beat, he sent the ball inches wide of the post.

14. Berwick Rangers proved too good for Coldstream this time when the two teams met in the first round of the Paul Shield at Shielfield park. The Paul Shield had been revived due to the scarcity of League games caused by the large number of Edinburgh-based teams withdrawing from the East of Scotland League. From the outset, Rangers were vastly superior and throughout the game held their own against a less forceful attack. However, it was the visitors who opened the scoring after 15 minutes when Bryson played the ball through for Ford to put the Streamers ahead. Their lead did not last long. Berwick attacked strongly, and Campbell made a mazy run, beating both Townsley and Dobbie on his way, to level the score. It was backs to the wall for Coldstream as Rangers continued to press with Mitchell called upon several times to save. Weatherhead went close and Maule had to clear off the line. The whole Coldstream team fell back in support of their keeper, but this did not prevent Blythe from scoring, following a well-placed Rutherford corner. Coldstream started the second half well and Yourston had an anxious moment or two. Rangers upped the pace and forced Coldstream back into their own half. A costly tackle was then made by Maule when he brought down Weatherhead just outside the box and, from the resultant free kick Rutherford drove the ball into the net. Campbell made it four on 75 minutes when the ball was crossed into the goalmouth and he first timed it against the upright before heading home the rebound. Stung by this further reverse, Coldstream came more into the picture and, in one of their rare visits to Yourston's goal, Johnston reduced the leeway with a well-placed shot. Rangers took the upper hand and launched attack after attack on the Coldstream goal, with only the fine goalkeeping of Mitchell keeping the score down. So heavy was the barrage that it seemed only a matter of time before he had to admit defeat for a fifth time. It was not, however, until the last two or three minutes that the ball found the net again. Campbell, who had been worrying the defence persistently, seized on a opening to complete his hat trick.

21. Berwick Rangers gave a creditable performance in the King Cup semi-final tie at Penicuik. Holding a two-goal lead with ten minutes remaining the chances of winning were considered high, but Penicuik played up forcibly and score twice to secure a replay. Penicuik kicked off, but Berwick were first to press. A free kick to Penicuik allowed them to attack but Naismith's parting shot went over the bar. Campbell replied with a similar shot at the other end. The pace was fast with Berwick, if anything, doing the more forceful work. Following a quick break upfield, Pearson put the Rangers ahead and a few minutes later a similar race upfield saw Campbell double the lead. Penicuik then attacked and Dickinson unfortunately put through his own net. Yourston had missed the ball and Dickinson, attempting to clear, put the rebounded into the net. Penicuik forced a corner at the start of the second half, but Horsburgh headed over. Rangers were quick to reply. Pearson won possession in midfield and played his way through the home defence before passing for Campbell to score a fine goal. Penicuik upped their game in the last quarter and the Berwick goal had a few narrow escapes. Naismith missed an open goal before Ramage beat Yourston with a great shot and, with time fast running out, Barton equalised.

28. Berwick Rangers' lack of cohesion led to a heavy defeat in the replay. Penicuik showed one change with Bell replacing Frew in goal. Berwick remained unaltered. Penicuik opened strongly, playing against the incline, and Sked hit the crossbar with a rising shot. However, Rangers settled to their game and Pearson tested Bell with a powerful drive and Blythe hit a shot just over. The visiting forwards were playing well together, swinging the ball across the field and causing the Berwick defence considerable trouble. Penicuik took the lead when a corner from Naismith was headed in by Ramage, who was left unmarked at the back post. The goal was against the run of play and Rangers tried hard to equalise. However, the front line was no match for the visitors' defence who cleared strongly and often. In another quick raid, Sked hit the crossbar and when the ball dropped in front of goal, Ramage seized the chance and netted his second. From then until the close of the half, Berwick attacked, but erratic shooting and bad judgement left the visitors' goal intact. On the resumption, Penicuik went all out, and Rangers could do little to stop them and within a few minutes Gardiner made it three without reply. Berwick then fell to pieces. The defence played deep; Blythe and Rutherford also kept back, leaving Campbell with no support up front. Rangers had one or two runs up the field, but seldom threatened Bell. Penicuik continued to harass the Rangers' defence with Ramage and Gardiner giving Yourston an anxious time. Ramage shot over when well-placed and not long afterwards Gardiner beat Yourston, who had come out of his goal in a vain attempt to save. For a while it was the Penicuik forwards versus the Berwick defence. Ramage added his third of the afternoon by a surprising burst of speed. He beat the defence in a run for the ball and ran it into the net with Yourston making little or no attempt to save. At five clear goals down, the seriousness of their position became apparent and during the last 20 minutes Rangers upped their game. From within a crowd in front of the visitors' goal, Pearson netted; the keeper got his hands to the ball but could not keep it out. The Penicuik defence did everything possible to keep the ball out of play and run time out. Campbell made the most of the situation and he broke through to reduce the score with a superb individual effort.


4. Berwick Rangers were worthy of both League points against Selkirk at Ettrick Park. Selkirk played with the strong wind and attacked from the start with Douglas making a fine attempt. Quick thinking by Blythe and Lee transferred play to the home end and forced a corner, but the Soutars easily cleared. After Robinson and Brown had figured in a promising move, Douglas drove widely past. Yourston the brought off a fine save to deny Brown's close-range header. Ford then went close but could not beat Yourston. Selkirk were continually on the attack but were meeting a steady defence. Rangers attacked in turn and, following a well-placed corner, Piercy found the net with a first-timed shot. Shortly after Douglas tested Yourston with a hard shot from close in which the keeper pushed over the bar. Rangers were unlucky not to double their lead just on half-time when Henderson did well to thwart Rutherford's solo run. Yourston was a busy keeper in the opening minutes of the second half, making good saves against Brown and Ford. Selkirk kept up the pressure and were rewarded when Ford put in a fine shot which Yourston failed to stop. Rangers rallied at this point and scored three goals in quick succession. Pearson was responsible for two and Rutherford the other as Berwick ripped Selkirk apart. In the closing stages of the game Rangers were constantly on the attack and it was only the stubborn defence put up by the home backs that prevented Berwick from scoring further.

11. The match at Vale of Leithen on April 11th was a typical end of season affair. Rangers had to travel without one or two of their regular players. Piercy was unfit and James Wakenshaw of Scremerston had to fill the pivotal position. Morrison came in for Rutherford and Ewart filled the vacancy caused by Pearson moving to the centre-forward position in place of J. Campbell. The new players, while performing well, did not come up to the standards of the regular men. Morrison was not as forceful as Rutherford, while Ewart was a little on the slow side. Campbell was missed badly in the front line with Pearson lacking the shooting power. Vale opened against a strong wind and their forwards kept pressing. Scarcely a Berwick player had touched the ball when Duthie passed to Waterson, who scored close in a minute from the start. Another Vale raid followed, and Sinton gladly conceded a corner to ease the pressure. Berwick came more into the game and, from a misunderstanding between the Vale backs, Pearson missed a glorious chance when he sent harmlessly past. The wind was playing havoc and the Vale defence was often under pressure. The game then evened out. Low was near the mark with a shot that went inches high. Scarcely had the resultant goal kick been taken when Lee levelled with a fast, oblique shot which beat Turner all the way. Vale pressed hard to regain the lead. Twice Waterson sent Pearce in on goal, but Yourston saved well on each occasion. However, a few minutes from the interval, Vale retook the lead when, from a cross by Pearce, Nimmo headed home. With the advantage of the stiff breeze, Vale attacked strongly in the opening minutes of the second half. Pearce, Waterson and Paterson each had good shots saved by Yourston. Rangers, however, gradually fought their way into the game and Turner had to deal with a couple of close-range shots from Lee. After a quite spell by both teams, Pearce raised the enthusiasm with a fast run down the Vale left with Waterson just missing from his cross. Soon after, the Vale centre had a shot superbly saved by Yourston, who gave nothing more away, and the game ended a narrow home win.

18. Berwick Rangers did not deserve to lose against Clerwood Amateurs, they had by far the better of the game but still returned empty handed. With a view to drawing a larger gate, the game was moved from Edinburgh to Penicuik Athletic's ground. Rangers had again to find a new player to complete their team. With Campbell still unable to play, Pearson had again to lead the line. It had been hoped that Ewart would have been available, but he called off late and Elliot of Spittal Rovers filled the void. Clerwood were first to take up the attack, with two good chances missed. As play progressed there was little if anything between the teams. Each end was visited in turn with both keepers having their work cut out. Yourston was the first of the keepers to fetch the ball from the net. He had just stopped a hard drive from Stephens when Taylor took possession and netted the rebound. End-to-end football continued and during one of the attacks Rangers got a deserved equaliser when Rutherford scored from close in. However, the teams did not remain on level terms for long. A few minutes later, Stephens got the better of the Berwick defence and broke through to score. Clerwood took their slender lead into the second half and play had not been in progress long when Taylor put them further ahead. Rangers strove gallantly to break down the Clerwood defence and midway through the half got a deserved goal when Dickinson lobbed the ball into the goal; Cranston got his hands to it but he was under pressure from Bruce and the ball found its own way into the net. This success urged the Rangers on and for a while the Clerwood goal underwent heavy pressure. This pressure was subsequently rewarded when Rutherford brought the teams level with a fine goal. Keen exchanges followed to the end and it was rather hard lines on Berwick when, in the last few minutes of play, Rutherford scored for Clerwood.

25. In the final game of the season against Peebles Rovers at Shielfield Park the standard of football was poor from beginning to end and there was little to enthuse the few spectators who turned out to watch. The first five minutes of the game gave every indication of a hard-fought encounter. Both teams played with a certain amount of determination and thrust. Piercy was prominent in the Rangers' defence as was Carrick in the Rovers'. However, the true aspect of the game was seen after the first ten minutes and it took a penalty to break the monotony. Campbell and Blythe were pressing the Peebles goal when the ball accidentally struck Simpson's arm and the referee pointed to the spot. Blythe stepped up to take the kick and scored. Rangers kept pressing and Campbell scored a second goal when his shot on goal was blocked but, from the rebound, a Peebles defender in trying to clear kicked it against Campbell and it rebounded into the net. Peebles opened the game up somewhat after the second downfall. Carrick struck the crossbar with Yourston well beaten and Buchan hit the rebounding ball just over. The ball entered the Peebles net for a third time soon after from a Blythe shot, but Lee was ruled offside. Just on half-time, Peebles missed a certain opportunity of scoring. Yourston ran out to save from Buchan, but the ball slipped past him and Dodds, running in, struck the upright with the goal wide open. Another attempt was made, but this time Graham cleared on the line and Woodburn drove past. Play in the second half was little improved. The Berwick forward line had quite a lot of the game but were little better than their rivals. On the hour mark, Peebles pulled a goal back when Brown won possession just outside the box and he hit a rather deceiving shot into the top corner. Yourston, as many did, thought the ball was going past. Rangers returned to the attack with Campbell and Blythe unlucky not to add to the score. However, with seven minutes remaining, Rutherford sent over a neat cross from which Lee hit against the inside of the post; it rebounded across the goal and hit the other post and back and although Hope made a valiant effort to stop it, it found its way into the net. The remaining minutes were rather featureless except for a shot by Bruce and a Campbell drive which just past the upright.

The win over Peebles Rovers brought the season to a close. Taken all round, the season had not been a bright one, but to a great extent it had been caused by injuries and other circumstances that did not always allow the team to be at full strength. In the various cup competitions Rangers fared badly. Peebles Rovers beat them in the Scottish Qualifying Cup; Penicuik Athletic knocked them out of East of Scotland Qualifying Cup and the King Cup, albeit after a semi-final replay. While Coldstream put the Rangers out of the Border Cup, Rangers beat them in the Paul Shield competition which was uncompleted. Rangers had a better record in the East of Scotland League, finishing in third place behind Bathgate and Penicuik Athletic with a total of 25 points from 20 games.